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Download Android NDK Revision 10e


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  • Will offer you the ability to call into native code from your Android applications

    Whats new in version Revision 10e:
    • Added 64-bit host toolchain set (package name suffix *-x86_64.*). For more information, see CHANGES.HTML and NDK-BUILD.html.
    • Added Clang 3.2 compiler. GCC 4.6 is still the default. For information on using the Clang compiler, see CHANGES.HTML.
    • Added static code analyzer for Linux/MacOSX hosts. For information on using the analyzer, see CHANGES.HTML.
    • Added MCLinker for Linux/MacOSX hosts as an experimental feature. The linker is the default where available, so you must explicitly enable it. For more information, see CHANGES.HTML.
    • Updated ndk-build to use topological sort for module dependencies, which means the build automatically sorts out the order of libraries specified in LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES, LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES and LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES. For more information, see CHANGES.HTML. (Issue 39378)

    • Fixed build script to build all toolchains in -O2. Toolchains in previous releases...

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